Satellite Broadband Ireland (SBI) has rebranded and expanded to become onwave, targeting UK DSL households for single-connection satellite-based triple-play services.

onwave’s target customers will be those with a sub 1 Mbps broadband connection, and as such cannot support high quality video services unlike satellite. The company believes that there are as many as one million people who fall into this category.

Aiming to ‘rebalance the rural/urban digital divide’ the service will offer a broadband package ranging from 6-10 Mbps, home phone and 150 digital TV channels with no monthly subscription charge. A standard 6 Mbps broadband, TV and home phone package costs from £19.99 and a 6 Mbps broadband-only service starts at £14.99, rising to £34.99 for a 10 Mbps, as part of an introductory offer for a 3 month period.

Explained Kevin Ryan, CEO, onwave: “Consumers want high quality broadband, home phone and TV services for the lowest possible price. We decided that the best way to achieve this was to bundle everything into a single package, and really improve affordability and quality for those who are poorly serviced at present.”