Hectore and Pr2 are proud to provide you JaZUp 2.3.

This new version is adapted to the new Rescue Mode procedure introduced with Enigma2 v1.0

Remember that JaZUp remains the safest way to upgrade/downgrade your Azbox HD.

We provide you with 2 Megaupload download link, one is a full version that include the patch.bin to go from official firmware to rescue mode via an USB stick using the normal Azbox upgrade process. Always think to run JaZUp on your Azbox official firmware to clean up all potential problems. (See included PDF documentation). It also include the patch.e2 to return from Enigma 2 to offical firmware upgrade screen (see included PDF documentation).

The other one is the lite version, it is exactely the same package but without the Back_to_Official and Official_to_E2 for people that don't need it.

So you don't need to download both pack, choose the one that best fits your needs.

Full Pack on Megaupload 14MB
Lite pack on Megaupload 1,55 MB


Hectore and Pr2

change log:

- Adapt JaZUp for new Rescue Mode procedure
- Fix italian language
- Include Official_to_E2 (patch.bin) to use on an USB stick from official to E2. Once your Azbox is in Rescue Mode proceed with JaZUp to flash your E2 image.
- Include Back_to_Official (patch.e2) to use via JaZUp to go from E2 to Official. Once back in upgrade screen proceed with an USB stick containing an official firmware patch.bin file.

- New GIT compiled kernel detection and full support
- Added support for ext4 only on GIT based compiled kernel
--->>> please READ the attached Manual since ext4 has an impact for you <<<---
- Current 1.1.12 RTi released version is not recognised has ext4 compatible since the kernel is "old style": this is not a bug.

- Allows users having used FW4USB to return to official firmware in DOM without bricking their Azbox (error: connect as...).
- More languages added: Catalan, Polish, Greek and Chinese - now support 11 languages.

- Support for the new patch.e2 file format
- Multilingual user interface and messages
- patch.e2 files are now loaded from your PC, no more USB needed.
So if you are familiar with JaZUp 1.x the way of working has changed, please read the attached PDF.
- when installing to USB only the target USB stick is needed
- When creating backup of official firmware data, file is now downloaded and you can set the name of your backup file
- No more support for patch.bin file format
- Disable Hardware Acceleration even in Rescue Mode
- Uninstall Priority Manager from official firmware to avoid conflict when upgrading
- fix E2 partitions problems on official DOM (256MB) if needed
- Automatic rename dummy patch.bin into _patch.bin to allow Azbox full reboot after upgrade

Full Pack on Megaupload 14 MB
Lite pack on Megaupload 1,55 MB