Published: 07.56 Europe/London, June 2, 2011

Austria will complete its digital switchover programme on June 7 by switching off the last remaining analogue transmitters in the Niederösterreich and Steiermark regions.

With analogue switch-off complete, there will be room for more digital multiplexes and the Austrian media authority KommAustria has decided to start using the DVB-T2 standard from 2012. The authority plans to issue a tender for two DVB-T2 multiplexes this summer. They could offer up to 30 new channels, with the aim being to launch the new channels as early as the first half of 2012.

In a related development, public broadcaster ORF has decided to terminate its MHP teletext services later this month. The media authority has sharply criticised this move, as it will leave around 200,000 households with redundant MHP DTT receivers.

The broadcaster has said it will now concentrate on using the new hybrid HbbTV standard. ORF is already carrying out tests in the capital, Vienna.