The rise of HbbTV as the standard for interactivity continues with the news that leading Spanish broadcasters Corporación RTVE and Antena 3 have become the latest adoptees.

The announcement was made on the occasion of the second congress of the Association of Interactive TV Companies in Madrid yesterday. The key theme of the congress was hybrid television and at the event the Spanish government declared this standard could be officially chosen said Roberto Sánchez, general director of Telecommunications and for the Information Society at the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce.

The minister highlighted the fact some broadcasters are already ready-made for interactivity and although several manufacturers have developed their own technical platforms, the HbbTV option has become the de facto standard in advanced countries such as Germany or France.

María Maicas, Interactive Media's Sub Director at Corporación RTVE, added that the connected TV campaign was part of the effort the public broadcaster was making to adapt its programming for all screens. She said that that HbbTV standard was necessary for development. "[HbbTV] is supported by the rest of the European public broadcasters. We must not let every platform impose its own model so the content providers must adapt to them. The common standard is good for all of us," she said at the conference.

On the advertising side Niko Muñoz, Corporate Development Director at Havas Media reminded the audience that the internet and television are based on two totally different advertising models. While television is measured on share and impact of advertising, internet does not – as yet.