Published: 08.48 Europe/London, June 3, 2011

The Czech station TV Barrandov is proving to be increasingly expensive to operate.

According to E15, a further CZK100 million (4.07 million) was pumped into it by Barrandov Television Studio (BTS) in mid May, taking its total capital to CZK897.4 million.

This was despite Tomas Chrenek, the businessman heading up investors in the station, saying earlier this year that it would not obtain any additional funding.

TV Barrandov received a major cash injection of CZK400 million in March 2009, followed by a second one of CZK200 million in August 2010.

However, its combined losses over the past three years amounted to CZK826 million and it expects to make a further loss of CZK51 million this year.

Its revenues are nevertheless projected to rise to CZK410 million.