Spain's TV channels have found success in attracting viewers through the internet: such is the case of national public broadcaster Corporación RTVE or Mediapro's national private broadcaster laSexta.

In this case surpassed in May 2011 for the first time in its history, 10 million videos watched online. With this figure the channel's website surpasses the record of videos watched in March this year with 9.58 million downloads, this represents a growth of 25% regarding the same month in the previous year.

An increasing number of laSexta's audience chooses its website as a way to enjoy its programs either live or on demand. In addition, the channel's internet site reached 570, .000 downloads in the Apple Store. In May 2011, users visited the sites on more than 900,000 occasions through TV on demand applications and live on their smartphone, according to the channel official figures