Spanish Catalan public broadcaster TV3 is having great success with its internet portals with consumption hours for May 2011, live and on the Internet, rising 16% with regard to the previous month.

In all this meant a total of 1.230 million and 9,870 connections, and among these portals the highest consumed channel was laSexta’s, Apple Store, smartphone, Corporación RTVE, Mediapro. These were followed by 24 hour news channel 3/24 and last but not least by sporting channel Esport3, which registered important audiences thanks to the live sport transmissions.

TV3's internet VOD services surpassed 5 million visits, reaching 720,000 hours consumed by the Catalan broadcaster's followers. TV3 has been one of Spain's first broadcasters in going for the new technologies as an alternative to traditional broadcasts. It was one of the country's first broadcasters in going for HDTV and now also for 3DTV with a 3D TV test channel.