Telefónica's pay-DSL TV operator Movistar Imagenio is Spain's pay-TV operator in growing most according to CEO Ignacio Fernández-Vega, in a declaration to 'Cine y'.

The operator reached some 784,000 subscribers by the end of December 2010 working intently on multi-screen and multi-channel distribution.

It is now working on a subtitling service which is to be ready by the end of 2011 which is to be implemented in its linear channels following rollout to VOD. The company is also working on the distribution of all the DTT channels. The operator also transmits on mobile devices through the 'Imagenio Móvil' app. so the user can access the contents on the smartphones and tablets.

"We are very interested in the multi-screen distribution. We are working on the possibility for the viewers to see on demand contents on three different screens. And from the technological point of view we are working on the wireless connections, through the DSL and 3D technologies" Fernández-Vega said.

As for the Videoclub Movistar VOD service the CEO said he was "very happy" and for which the company has not yet launched any significant commercial campaign, relying on word of mouth marketing.

"This is the strongest cinema VOD in the market since it includes the majors' contents and also other independent distributor's contents and national distributor's ones. It also contains a selection of HD titles," he commented. Another advantage of this service is that it has national coverage and does not depend on bandwidth for its availability. "It is the ideal service to consume contents in a certain moment," he added, also reminding that its mobile service 'Imagenio Móvil' has become the country's leader on mobile content.
However Movistar Imagenio's future bet is through fibre optics through its 'Futura' service. Through this service -already operating- the company offers HDTV, 3DTV, multi-room and PVR services, among others. Here the platform is working on the launch of further HDTV channels and other VOD contents.