Itís not just TV makers, content owners and distributors who are finding 3D: so do as many as a tenth of those watching. But an ironically named company is aiming to solve this matter.

This represents as many as 30 million people in the US alone .However the seemingly inappropriately named 2D-Glasses, is claiming to have developed eyewear that enables those suffering 3D-related ailments to be able to watch without getting a headache.

The companyís target is to empower those that have minor eye problems, including muscle imbalances, depth perception trouble, and lazy eye that causes the brain to work harder to process 3D images and results in headaches strong enough to cause significant pain and discomfort. It cites other symptoms include dizziness and nausea.

The 2D-Glasses technology is designed to disable the 3D effect, permitting the person to attend a 3D movie with family or friends and not suffer from headaches or other unpleasant symptoms during the film. Normally when a person watches 3D content, 3D glasses have one lens that blocks one projected image and another lens blocks the other image. However, 2D Glasses block the same image with both lenses, so each eye gets the same picture resulting in a 2D image and an elimination of the eyeball and muscle strain that leads to headaches.