Published: 10.49 Europe/London, June 6, 2011

UPDATE. After the BBC switched over its HD satellite broadcasts from DVB-S to DVB-S2, Dutch subscribers to UPC, KPN IPTV and Canal Digitaal Satelliet watched a blank screen when they should have been viewing BBC HD or BBC One HD.

Although the switchover was announced by the BBC, it looked like the change of transmission standard came as a surprise to most Dutch platforms. It is expected that most platforms will make the necessary technical adjustments during the day.

UPDATE - UPC Nederland has meanwhile restored distribution of BBC HD on its network. In an email BBC Worldwide Channels said “that all our licensed operators were informed of the switch for HD satellite broadcasts in advance and have successfully made the switch for their subscribers.”

Both UPC and KPN’s IPTV service Interactieve Televisie carry BBC HD under a new contract with BBC Worldwide Channels. Other platforms in Holland and Belgium carrying their HD channels from the BBC might also be affected.

Although there is no formal agreement between the BBC and the DTH platforms Canal Digitaal Satelliet (The Netherlands) and TV Vlaanderen (Belgium), the satellite operator has included all domestic BBC channels in its line-up of FTA satellite channels. The company said it will issue an update later today.