Picking itself up from the recent security attacks, Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced a new roster of PlayStation products, services and content including a VOD package with CinemaNow.

Sony used the E3 games conference to announce that beginning from autumn 2011, PlayStation will make available Best Buy’s CinemaNow video service through its PlayStation3 entertainment system, offering films and TV shows for rental and purchase via the Best Buy CinemaNow service to the nearly 17 million PS3 users in North America.

CinemaNow offers access to a library of premium video content for rental or purchase, including new release movies and TV shows, with no subscription required. The PS3 is just one of a number of Internet-connected devices—such as connected TVs, Blu-Ray Disc players and PCs—which the service supports. Indeed, Sony and BestBuy believe that the partnership will showcase to consumers the power of connected entertainment solutions.

Underlining the huge importance of such VOD services, and by extension online video, to the PlayStation, at E3 Sony CEO Jack Tretton revealed that the games platform was responsible for a market leading 30% of all streams for the Netflix OTT service.