Cause of change to the "fleet", i am selling the boxes mention below. Contact me by PM for details:

  • DM500HD (USB Modded). Used for 9 months. The box is USB modded and comes with an external Display! There are two USB ports available (one internal and one external). The box is equipped with USB power protection circuit. The USBs are 5v powered. About the rest of the box, everything is known! Contact me for Price and shipping.
  • DM500HD. Used for 9 months also like the other box. There is no USB mod for this one, BUT i have one spare USB kit that i can also fit into it.
  • DM800HD. User for 1 1/2 year. The box is in excellent condition. 10cm fan available for it with USB power. A 4cm also fan is available and will come with the box also (more noisy though). The box has a 160GB HDD installed.
  • DM7020Si. Used for 3 years. Excellent condition though (not even a scratch!). A 512MB CF will follow the box. No more words for this box!!! It speaks for itself!. ALPS Tuner version (Si).


Contact me by PM for the Prices and shipping.

No need to rush, i am not in a hurry to sell them. I just have to many boxes in my house!