In what it calls a groundbreaking look at the life cycle of apps—from how they're found, how they are subsequent used or not used—MTV Networks (MTVN) has revealed that two thirds of mobile TV apps are used at least once daily.

Overall, and as a clear indication as to the importance of marketing especially for TV channels, the mobile apps study of more than 1,300 self-reported daily mobile app users found that nearly three-quarters (73%) of users discover apps from personal recommendation or user reviews.

Out of those surveyed, 53% said that personal recommendations are important in deciding which apps to download, while 52% relied on user reviews and 42% said seeing a friend use a particular app was a critical component. Additionally, 47% discovered apps via app stores from the Apple and Android stores.

Yet there was a marked difference in behaviour when it came to buying or downloading for free. That is users indicated that they were looking for a higher degree of certainty when they buy an app, as opposed to downloading one for free.

For free apps, a higher number of positive review ratings drives most consumers (50%) to download, followed by personal recommendation (43%).

However, in the paid environment, price (63%), followed by whether there is a free/lite preview version of the app (49%) were the biggest factors in whether or not to download.

In the TV environment as a whole two-thirds of mobile TV or film apps are checked at least once a day and nearly half (44%) check them several times a day, with 45% of those opening apps spending more than 10 minutes with their favourite TV or film app. However, the survey also showed that shelf life is a crucial issue: nearly two-fifths (38%) of TV apps are deleted in the first three weeks after download.

Ease of use (79%) and new content availability (55%) were cited as the biggest reasons consumers will use an app for the long term. Whereas better alternatives (55%) and lack of new content (42%) will drive a consumer to delete an app.

Summing up what are hugely significant dynamics for TV providers looking to extend their brand across platforms, Colleen Fahey Rush, Executive Vice President and Chief Research Officer, MTV Networks said, “Our brands live and die on buzz…But app discovery and adoption is just as driven by buzz as any other content that we create."