Online video capability has been one of the key standouts of this year’s E3 games conference and the latest to dive in is Orb Networks with new online TV streaming software for the PlayStation 3.

The new $20 Orb BR (Blu-ray) software works with a web-enabled PS3, and is controlled through a smart device app—such as to be found on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone or an Android tablet—or using any computer.

With the new product Orb believes that it has provided gamers with a window to the world of over the top (OTT) online video, in particular service such as Hulu, HuluPlus, Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube and Comedy Central among others.

Users can also stream to the platform anything stored on their PC such as downloaded DivX/XviD files and also allows users to stream their iTunes library through their Home Theatre sound system. The Orb controller app features a global index of TV shows that works irrespective of the source of the content.

Consumers can type in the name of the show they want and then Orb quickly finds the show, without having to specify its source whether it is from Hulu, Netflix etc.