Published: 08.09 Europe/London, June 8, 2011

The Czech cable operator Rio Media has completed the upgrade of its network in the city of Klatovy, where its services are used by nearly 5,000 homes.

The work, which cost several million Czech crowns and was completed last month, will allow subscribers to receive Rio Media’s triple play offer, with one element – internet access at up to 10Mbps – being provided for a special monthly price of CZK175 (€7.2).

Rio Media, which is backed by the investment fund Argus Capital Partners, operates the largest next generation fibre-optic network in the Czech Republic and was also the first cable operator to offer its digital TV service via DVB-T.

Its FTTH network provides 80 TV channels, some of which are in HD; internet access at up to 50 Mbps; and free telephony.