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Thread: How to find Dragon Card Files

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    How to find Dragon Card Files

    We have been told that you can go to a google website and type in "dragon card files" many upto date wonderful things can be found, for free none of this bullshit $10 crap.

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    Re: How to find Dragon Files

    Google returns too many results but it is dangerous to load this card with any file out there that we dont know its publisher... So please be more specific...

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    Re: How to find Dragon Files

    I agree as we aint all at kindergarden school and most of the sites google brings up have outdated files, and as said a bad file can destroy your card so better looking at a better method than a search engine i think to be safe.

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    Re: How to find Dragon Files

    Try here:

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    Re: How to find Dragon Files

    Quote Originally Posted by greenboy View Post
    Try here:
    don't put that link on the web cause they will make file work no more

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