Following Warner’s experience in the US with feature films Inception and the Dark Knight, French TV group TF1 has launched its first social media VOD trial with Facebook.

Already offering the US series, the VOD subsidiary TF1 Vision offers French humorist Florence Foresti’s one-woman show Mother Fucker VOD service on the platform.

Available in France, but also in Switzerland, Belgium and Canada, this social VOD application allows fans to rent and watch the video at a price of €3.99 (60 FB credits); invite friends to watch the trailer and buy the show afterwards; to offer the video; to share opinions about it.

The agreement with Facebook is based on a share of revenues, but the partners have not as yet entered into details. The application is based on Microsoft Silverlight technology.

“This is a new way to offer qualitative and legal VOD,” explained Tristan du Laz, Director of TF1 Vision.

TF1 Group added that Florence Foresti was the best person to launch such a VOD service, as she belongs to a new generation of artists very close to their fans. She communicates herself directly with her audience and has already attracted 1.3 million fans on her Facebook page. Distributed with TF1 Video, the video of her show has reached 700,000 units sold.

In Europe, TF1, whose Facebook official pages have attracted 4 million fans, will be the first Facebook Media partner. “TF1 has well assimilated Facebook’s promise in terms of distribution and monetisation,” Facebook Head of Partnerships, France and Benelux, Julien Cordoniou said, adding that the platform owns 20 million members locally. During the press conference, Facebook has confirmed it didn’t rule out launching a social video movie service in the coming months