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Thread: Vali Ai.HD (shadow) Mod for GP3

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    Vali Ai.HD (shadow) Mod for GP3

    Update 9 June / Version 0.9
    Important: - geminiplugin requires v0.30 or later-r5
         Customized screens for CoolTV revised and version 4.0
         Next Event renderer replaced by the one of GP3
         Various minor layout fixes and adjustments
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    Re: Vali Ai.HD (shadow) Mod for GP3

    Vali Ai.HD (shadow) Mod V2 für GP3 v1.0 - 25.6.2011

    Because of the fairly extensive changes to the previous version, I make time for a new topic. The skin is installed into its own directory, so do not forget to uninstall the old version if you stay at this ...
    At this point only once, many thanks to Vali for the original Ai.HD skin. As with the first version of the "Shaodow version" of the skin Ai.HD serves as the base. Also a big thanks to zombie whose Picon renderer is used here.
    Prerequisite is a current and topical Imag GP3 plugin.
    Version 1.0 of 25 June 2011:
    Version 0.9 serves as the basis of the first Mod, in addition there are the following changes:
        Zombie's Picon renderer installed
        Picon adapted or built into various screens (channel selection, EPG Selection, Event View, CoolTV: Cool Info Guide, Cool music guide, Cool Search) - is the skin optimized for 60x36 and 100x60 Picons
        TMDB screen for info, vDesktop GP3, GP3 jukebox, inserted iCalendar GP3, GP3 gweather, PluginHider and DVD Player
        All Blue Panel / GP3 screens to full screen (with MiniTV) converted
        Various minor layout fixes and adjustments (eg Selelection Movie Screens and Virtual Keyboard, OLED)
    Note on the picons:
        There are only two folders with picons: picon [100x60] and coolpico [60x36]
        The folder is the folder coolpico picon (via symlink because of course you can also have elsewhere)
        All names of these folders and their paths need to be written all in lowercase
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