ActiveVideo Networks has announced that multichannel video service providers can use the CloudTV platform to deliver a unified, next-generation 'iVOD' experience to multiple screens.

CloudTV, the cloud-based app platform, is meant to allow operators engage subscribers and drive on-demand take rates by providing rich, cloud-based navigation on televisions and broadband connected devices in the subscriber's home. Using a CloudTV-powered interface, consumers can use an enhanced navigation environment of personalized browsing, search, discovery and recommendations from social network friends.

CloudTV also can leverage smartphones, tablets and standard remote controls to overcome the fragmentation and resource limitations of set-top boxes. Navigation interfaces and other applications are delivered as a single, adaptable video stream to the set-top box, which simply passes keyclicks from standard remote controls, smartphones or tablets back through to the cloud with very low latency.

"The growth of Web video viewing has increased industry awareness of the navigational difficulties that have limited the potential of VOD as a source of revenue for the cable industry," said Jeff Miller, president and CEO of ActiveVideo Networks. "Moving the intelligence from the set-top box to the cloud better equips subscribers to find interesting content within the operators' vast libraries, and allows operators to quickly deploy a consistent user interface across diverse set top boxes and connected devices."

The CloudTV architecture offers the ability to run rich applications uniformly on any connected digital device, regardless of processing power; the elimination of the need for more expensive processing and storage capabilities in the end-user device; a "One Platform" approach in which a limitless array of content and applications can be written once and delivered to any STB; and the minimization of software bugs by streaming rather than downloading content to the TV. For consumers, placing the intelligence in the network, and not in the home, ensures availability of the widest diversity of applications on any set-top box.

ActiveVideo plans to demonstrate how to take video on demand navigation beyond the set-top box with the cloud platform at The Cable Show, to be held June 14-16 in Chicago.