BlackArrow is to will unveil centralised, multiplatform advertising management capabilities across tablet, smartphone and television environments, along with the latest version of its dynamic ad solution for video-on-demand (VOD).

The enhancements to the BlackArrow Advanced Advertising System feature new support for iOS- and Android-based tablets and smartphones. The exhibit will highlight BlackArrow's suite of placement and ad management controls that provide customers with an integrated workflow for core elements of advanced advertising across multiple platforms, including consistent addressability; integrated inventory allocation and ad packaging; and unified ad management and reporting.

BlackArrow also will highlight new features of its Advanced Advertising System in the context of a live VOD market scenario. The showcase will demonstrate dynamic ad insertion using scenarios that highlight broadcast-window based ad packaging, as well as integrated, 'single pitch' workflows that enable programmers to use the same content assets for both static and dynamic VOD advertising.

"A unified approach to advertising management is critical to the success of advertising across a broad spectrum of on-demand environments and viewing devices," said Dean Denhart, CEO for BlackArrow. "Using the same BlackArrow Advanced Advertising System that already is in-market, operators and programmers can build comprehensive advertising strategies and business models suited to any on-demand platform, along with the new generation of untethered devices."