The Qatar-based satellite news channel Al Jazeera and South Korea’s soon-to-be-launched Yonhap News TV have signed a reciprocal deal to broadcast each other’s news content.

The news outlets call the new arrangement a ‘mutually beneficial’ move and as well as providing access for broadcast on television, the agreement covers the publication of video content on each other’s websites and mobile applications.

Al Jazeera and Yonhap News TV have each agreed to provide the other with support to set up and run bureaus in Seoul and Doha respectively, and to favorably consider each other’s requests to have access to recorded news material gathered but not yet broadcast by the other.

When launched later this year, Yonhap News TV - the affiliate of Seoul-based Yonhap News Agency - will broadcast wall-to-wall news via cable, and will draw on the agency’s wide network of correspondents in South Korea and in 35 countries across the world. Yonhap TV News will also now, through the deal with Al Jazeera, have access to in-depth coverage of unfolding events in the Middle East and North Africa, alongside reports filed by its five staff which cover the region.

Al Jazeera, which intends to open a bureau in Seoul before the end of the year is, meanwhile, happy to have secured what it calls a ‘key source of news video’ in South Korea. The Middle East broadcaster will it says now better be able to provide viewers across the Arab world with a focus on inter-Korean relations, South Korea’s advanced information technology and economic issues.

The reciprocal news access agreement was signed on 9 June between Park Jung-chan, president and chief executive officer of Yonhap News TV, and Wadah Khanfar, director general of Al Jazeera Satellite Network.

Al Jazeera has over 65 bureaus and 3,000 staff across the world and broadcasts news and current affairs 24 hours a day from its Doha headquarters and studios in Kuala Lumpur, London and Washington DC.