Published: 07.38 Europe/London, June 13, 2011

The Ukrainian DTT multiplex operator Zeonbud has entered into an agreement with the local media group StarLightMedia.

According to Satkurier, it was witnessed by members of the country’s National Council on Radio and Television (NTVCU) and will allow Zeonbud to carry the channels ICTV, STB, Novy Kanal and M1.

The NCTVU announced a competition for broadcasting on Zeonbud’s four multiplexes (MX-1, MX-2, MX-3 and MX-5) in April.

Although it covers a total of 28 channels, Zeonbud has already received applications from 38 broadcasters.

Aside from the four channels, StarLightMedia also represents M2-Estrada and QTV. Zeonbud is expected to launch its four multiplexes later this year.