Telefónica's DSL pay-TV operator Movistar Imagenio has added Robert Redford’s independent film channel Sundance Channel to its offering.

The channel was created by the legendary Hollywood actor and director and it has become the main one of its type in the world. The TV channel contains films, documentaries, concerts, reports and the best of the Sundance Festival's films.

The channel also comes to the platform without any additional cost for its subscribers and also without any need for a permanent contract for them. At the same time the channel’s content will be available in the operator's VOD service called 'Videoclub Imagenio' where these contents are incorporated three months in advance before they are launched on the channel.

Movistar Imagenio boasts around three-quarters of a million subscribers and its basic package -where Sundance Channel is included- offers some 70 TV channels. A big part of this offering is also available through the smartphones and tablets by using the 3G technology.

The Sundance Channel is to be included in Movistar Imagenio over the next weeks.