Contrary to a welter of current reports that are predicting the failure of 3D to catch on, Sony DADC is claiming that the 3D consumer market is growing quickly than expert expected.

At a conference recently organised by the Monte-Carlo TV Festival, within the program TVXchanges, Stewart Dickison, Head of Creative Services for Sony DADC’s European operations, presented figures supporting its claim that the 3D market is growing fast among consumers. Specifically in 2010, Sony released film which sold close to 300,000 units, and this year Sony will be releasing 80 Hollywood films alone. This, he said, indicates that 60% of European homes will be 3D-enabled by 2015.

All in all the experts concluded that stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) is an opportunity for the European audiovisual industry which can produce 3D content using its own culture and style to meet the growing appetite of the European audience for 3D fiction on TV.

This market is aiming to explore all the stages – from conception to distribution – and opportunities for European S-3D fiction success inside and outside the European Union.