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Thread: JTAG 7300 USB Ali E Without Removing SPI

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    JTAG 7300 USB Ali E Without Removing SPI


    J Tag Starsat 7300 USB Without
    removing Flash Memory


    You can Use the boot Only the process will take two Minutes ,then use the firmware to make the receiver starting...

    1-How To Attach Flash Memory With Your PC

    2-How To Make Setting Of Jtag Loader To recognize Correctly Flash Memory :

    3-Charging The Boot Wait Till 100% :

    4-The boot Have Been Sent Successfully :

    5- Now Dowload Tools From The attached Files :

    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Re: JTAG 7300 USB Ali E Without Removing SPI

    thank you

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    Re: JTAG 7300 USB Ali E Without Removing SPI

    I tried this schematic and software for my Opticum 4100C, but without any positive result.
    My Opticum 4100C was down after I tried to upload the list from it into computer, through serial port RS232 with AliEditor software. Opticum 4100C has 3329C chip.
    During uploading, due to an error in windows, software was blocked. So, the communication was hang up and, in this state, I disconnect the receiver from main supply. After a minute I reconnect receiver to power supply, but my receiver is dead. So, I tried schematic presented by you, made settings in software (EJTAG Tiny Tools) and click connect, and I received "CPU ID = FFFFFFFF" (without successful connection and buttons "Read" and "Write" remains off).

    I mention I tried all possible combination during software connection and JTAG in LPT port: with and without jumper on main board, with and without connection to power supply (even if the receiver is not responding), but without success.

    Please give me a solution.

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