Imagina US plans on extending the reach of its Spanish-language on-demand programming to more than 56 million VOD-enabled households in the US and Canada, using Comcast Media Center's distribution services.

Imagina already delivers a VOD lineup to American viewers via a deal with Comcast's retail side. The No. 1 MSO's Xfinity cable customers-- all 22+ million of them-- get a full range of the media company's Spanish programming, including shows from Televisión Dominicana; award shows such as Premios Casandra; and a variety of TV programs from the Dominican Republic.

"The availability of Imagina US via the CMC's video on demand platform allows cable operators throughout the U.S. and Canada to offer their customers selected programming available from our premiere television networks," Marta Turón, vice president of TV networks for Imagina US's Media World, said in a statement.

CMC’s platform provides all VOD services from one central location including content acquisition, transcoding, editing, distribution, and quality control. The platform operates under automated workflows and remote management capabilities to accelerate the delivery of VOD content, often to near real time. In addition to its role in uploading and managing television programming and related metadata, the CMC’s web-based portal lets clients track each VOD asset from CMC receipt to distribution across the VOD platform’s footprint.

The companies announced the deal at the Cable Show 2011, in Chicago.