Tribune Media Services has launched two new metadata content packages for use by programming guide providers and operators looking to offer enhanced on-screen, online and mobile entertainment guide applications.

The On TV GuidancePack contains navigational products specifically designed to show viewers what's on across all device options, from their living room TVs to their tablets and mobile phones. The GuidancePack includes TV program listings for linear TV schedules, online video sources and Video-On-Demand (VOD) services.

The On TV DiscoveryPack meanwhile taps into the rise of social media and suggestion-based marketing, providing a suite of relational discovery tools designed to help viewers decide what to watch, including program-related images, keywords, recommendations and episode guides. These elements are integrated seamlessly with TMS Unique IDs, the industry's gold standard for recognizing and synchronizing entertainment assets.

Within these two new packages, unveiled at the Cable Show, the company has also launched three new enhanced metadata products: Online Video Data, Keywords and Recommendations and Image Gallery.

Produced by CastTV, the online video data product is designed to offer a structured index of the videos available online for guides that meet the increased demand for time-shifted viewing and catch-up TV. CastTV was acquired by TMS in December 2010.

Editor-selected keyword information that supports growing trends toward open-ended entertainment discovery via deep searches and recommendation engines. In addition, the image gallery contains a collection of images for the most popular movies and shows on TV which, in conjunction with TMS listings data.

"We live in a multi-screen world," said Jay Fehnel, COO of Tribune Media Services Entertainment Products division. "These new data packages are loaded with deep, rich metadata, going far beyond traditional entertainment data. They provide all the tools needed to significantly enhance existing guide interfaces, while creating robust second- and third-screen guide experiences on additional devices."

TMS metadata powers the leading television and movie guide products which reach millions of consumers in 40 countries through clients including Microsoft, Google, TiVo, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, DirecTV, DISH Network and IMDb.