Portugal, one of the European countries with a highest rate of interactive TV will soon welcome a new way of interactivity made by the service’s users.

Media groups Ongoing Media and Cofina Media, together with digital TV provider Zon Multimédia (owner of the digital pay-TV operator Zon), recently reached an agreement to launch a new project based on this concept. The protagonists believe this new concept will "revolutionise" the country's interactive television, according to 'Tele Satelite'.

The project has been named uMan and will be officially launched next September on three different technological platforms, television, the internet and mobile phones.

The project works on the presentation of a series of questions to users which will give information on what is happening minute by minute. The project will last 49 days and its target will be people from between 18 and 35 years old.

Luís Loes, Zon's CEO, said that his platform will be the only one to include this interactivity, for the moment, and at the same time he highlighted the three main reasons the operator believed in the concept: the innovation of this format, the fact it is a multi-platform project and the fact that its content is produced by the users themselves.

Luís Santana, Cofina Media's general manager, underlined the project paves the way for the arrival of the television 2.0 in Portugal and its main goal is to meet the consumers' desires, so presenting a unique opportunity to gather the main agents of the media world in the country.