Despite concerted efforts by content owners to boost the variety of video that is offered in 3D, films are overwhelmingly the most popular form of 3DTV content consumed.

The study “ Pulse ; What’s Next for 3DTV?” conducted by NPD and commissioned by the US Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM), contradicts a number of recent reports that are generally downbeat on 3D especially in terms of quality of experience. It does however confirm general concerns regarding content availability

The CTAM survey found that over three-quarters (77%) percent of consumers perceived 3DTV viewing to be better suited to special events, such as indeed movies or sporting events. Indeed it also found that 93% of 3DTV owners had watched 3D movies at home.

Quality has been a huge issue regarding 3D and the CTAM survey found evidence to rebut such claims revealing that a surprisingly high 87% of current 3DTV set owners were satisfied with the quality of their 3D picture and 60% said that their TVs were worth the price. In addition, the key gating factor of the need to wear 3D glasses appears to be receding with the relatively and comparatively high figure of 47% of 3DTV set owners expressing satisfaction with having to wear the glasses and 55% satisfied with the fit of the glasses.

However, the study did also show a need for more content with only 40% of 3DTV owners being satisfied with the amount of 3D programming available.

“Not unlike the rollout of HDTV a few years ago, consumers are still excited about the potential of immersive in-home 3DTV viewing,” commented Char Beales, president and CEO, CTAM. “When HDTV rolled out, there was little hi-def programming available, but the early-adopting consumers were forgiving and willing to wait for the content to further advance. This new data show similar sentiments are mirrored in the rollout of 3DTV, indicating that some analysts may be judging the demise of the format prematurely.”