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Thread: DBR Neutrino Images for dbox2

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    DBR Neutrino Images for dbox2

    DBR Neutrino Images 2xI of 13-06-11

    DBR Neutrino Images for dbox2
    Vers.2.10.33 13/06/2011

    - Now also possible software updates (ie updates for the Var area)

    Activated by an online update root (which is a prerequisite 2:10:32).
    In addition, after that the attached "shellexec.conf are copied to the box to / var / tuxbox / config.
    Then on "blue button - just install> software update the existing Update -> System menu.

    Now I can offer you all kinds of changes / requests online.

    (The version 2:10:31 please do not use anymore - they offer no advantages and has no "online update feature) L @


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    Re: DBR Neutrino Images for dbox2

    DBR-Images (Neutrino) für die DBox2 (DoP-Edition)

    There is a new version of the DBR-image.

    Revision 2:10:34 DoP Edition
    - CVS Stand 24.06.2011
    - EpgPlus inclusive (in timeline navigation with volume + / -)
    - CCcam 2.2.1
    - OScam 5451
    - Additional language "English"

    Either online update to a root 2:10:34 (2:10:33 prerequisite version) make with subsequent software update
    or download the appropriate flash (1x or 2x) pendant complete image and about the expert mode.



    Those who prefer to update the root to make off on expert mode


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