The Spanish Telecommunication Market Commission (CMT) has determined that telcos must fund national public broadcaster Corporación RTVE even though they are not responsible for editorial content.

The official association observing the country's audiovisual and telecommunications sectors decided this move in response to a claim by cable TV operator Ono to appeal against being mandated to pay an additional €1 million to what it had been allocated to pay regarding compensation for RTVE's lack of commercial advertising.

In its claim Ono argued that the Law on Financing RTVE highlighted that only in-the-clear and pay-TV networks are obliged to pay this tax. It added that as a telco, it broadcast only channels for which it did not have any editorial responsibility. That meant, it reasoned, that it could not in any way be considered as a TV operator.

But the CMT considered that the Law on Financing RTVE "is very clear when it establishes the basis for the allocation” and at the same time underlined that Ono's interpretation did not abide by the Law on Financing for RTVE.

Spain's private in-the-clear TV networks are obliged to pay Corporación RTVE 3% of their yearly incomes before taxes, while the pay-TV broadcasters must contribute with 1.5% of their yearly incomes before taxes and the telcos 0.9% of revenues.