RAI accused of sending poor signals
Published: 11.48 Europe/London, June 16, 2011 by Julian Clover

Italy’s competition authority has begun an investigation into the patchy reception quality of the public broadcaster RAI. The inquiry, which will cover both analogue and digital transmissions, accuses RAI of unfair business practices.

There is particular concern about the lack of coverage in Tuscany and Trentino Alto Adige. Viewers are apparently being advised by the broadcaster to invest in better quality antenna and cabling in order to resolve the problem.

The authority also has concerns about a viewer reception helpline that was advertised as being toll free, but turned out to be a premium service.

The perception is that having paid the licence fee for the viewing of the RAI channels it should not be necessary to then pay additional charges to bring in the signal. The authority says viewers would not have supported the fees were they aware that they might also be required to pay further costs.