The Croatian telco Iskon has significantly enhanced its Iskon. TV player service, which allows viewers to watch TV programmes on PCs and mobile devices connected to the internet via WiFi or T-Mobile’s 3G network.

Launched this February, it now gives access to 14 channels, with eight more – RTL2, RTL Plus, MTV Adria, Travel Channel, CNN, Playomania, Dorcel TV and X-Dream TV – having been added to the original line-up of HTV1, HTV2, RTL, CMC, Baby TV and 24 sata TV.

The channels are offered in two packages, with the basic consisting of 13 services and costing €24.99 a month and second, including the adult Dorcel TV and X-Dream TV, €34.99 a month.

However, all existing Iskon.TV player users are being offered the service free of charge until July 15, and all new ones for a month free of charge.

Iskon, which operates an IPTV platform named Iskon.TV, is owned by the incumbent telco T-HT. The latter’s MAXtv is one of the most successful IPTV operations in Central and Eastern Europe.