Although UPC remains the leading provider of subscription TV services in Hungary, its two closest rivals Digi and Maygar Telekom’s T-Home claim a combined market share of just over 50%.

Data published by the country’s National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) shows that in April UPC accounted for 30.2% of the sector, followed by Digi with 26.9% and T-Home with 24.8%.

The fourth largest provider, Tarr – out of a total of 12, covering 80-85% of the broadcasting market – claimed only 3.9%.

However, in the wired broadcasting market (cable and IPTV), UPC’s lead was more substantial (34.2%), with T-Home now in second place (22.6%), Digi third (18%) and FiberNet fourth (4.5%).

In the wireless sector (DTH and MMDS), on the other hand, Digi was the undisputed market leader (45%), followed by T-Home (29.3%) and UPC Direct (29.3%).

The total number of cable and IPTV subscriptions in Hungary in April – taking into account the 10 largest players – stood at 1,810,767, of which 597,525 were digital. The number of DTH and MMDS subscribers was 892,083.