Spain will have the Xbox's services as a set-top-box (STB) in less than a year, according to Microsoft Ibérica's president María Garaña.

According to the executive the convergence of devices and the possibilities of the Kinect controller are very important for the company in the TV sphere.

"The device which is going to recuperate space in the home is the TV set," she said.“The problem with the TV sets so far is that since they have not adapted to the devices system they have been a bit out of fashion. But now thanks to the fact the TV sets are interacting with other devices with operational systems, web surfers or [those] that serve as devices as popular as the consoles, things are starting to change,” added Microsoft Ibérica's president.

In this sense the Microsoft's console will offer TV content through the internet via a telco that has already been selected. However, the executive did not want to reveal which one it is.

Garaña also assured that an Xbox 360 working as a STB could also have other possibilities than only reproduce content, such as rewind an fast forwarding, recording and taking advantage of the device’s hard disc.