French independent content distributor Videofutur Entertainment Group is to launch a new offer that duplicates US Netflix DVD-VOD business model.

The company is also anticipating the development of connected TVs and the arrival of foreign competitors such as Netflix.

The new Pass Duo service combines, for the first time in France, both DVD and online VOD movie distribution. With the ambition to provide pay-TV videos contents anytime, anywhere, Videofutur has set up a monthly subscription fee of €6.99 that gives access to all movies released in the last 9 months, and one month before their pay-TV broadcast, into a DVD and Blu-ray format.

Rented videos are directly sent to home by mail and recent movies are also available on a VOD basis, four months after their theatrical release, for €2.99 per film.

Subscribers are not “limited in their selection, neither by an operator’s choices or by French media chronology,” the group adds. The offer includes all movies even during their pay-TV broadcast period and before their availability on subscription VOD services (36 months after theatrical release).

A leader in the DVD rental market, Videofutur has built such an hybrid offer to “anticipate the evolutions of a market shaken up by new technologies and answer to the viewers’s expectations.” Its DVD and VOD catalogue counts 20,000 titles.