Leading Mexican telco Telmex has turned down the possibility of using an agreement signed with American satellite pay-TV operator Dish Network to enter the pay-TV business.

Telmex has a commercial agreement with Dish to invoice its clients for its two services apart from pay-TV, which it cannot offer directly according to regulation.

"The business we are doing in this respect is not ours. We only invoice and get paid for third party's services for its video services in our telephone invoice,” the company said.

Mexico's Dish subsidiary Dish Mexico was between MVS—a Mexican company operating in the media, pay-TV and the internet fields—and the US satellite provider EchoStar operating satellite pay-TV. Here EchoStar is a strong competitor of Sky, controlled by Televisa, the country's biggest pay-TV network.

Last week the Mexican government announced it will not modify the Telmex's licence to allow it to enter the pay-TV business, reasoning that the company had not fulfilled the requests of the so-called 'Convergence Agreement' of 2006.

Now Telmex is planning to present a claim to the Court against this resolution to be able to present once again its bid for a pay-TV licence.