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Thread: Plugin Sort for Clarke ET

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    Plugin Sort for Clarke ET

    Plugin Sort for Clarke ET

    PluginSort 1.0

    here is a slightly modified version of the plugin's "PluginSort" (originally by ritzMo / DM) altered so that it runs on the ET9000 ...

    as the name suggests you can with this plugin installed on your own plugins by calling the "plugin browsers" and press the (menu) button to move themselves ...

    if it (activate) in the move mode since it selects the "OK" button, the plugin just what you want to move out (red) and move it to where you want then return "ok" to save ..
    by pressing the "Menu" button and move mode (turn off) since it is in the normal mode browser plugin ...

    by pressing the "0-9" in the browser plugin you choose from starting at the top of the list in a fast selection / shortcut keys with the ...

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