Published: 09.10 Europe/London, June 20, 2011

Russia’s CTC Media has embarked on a joint campaign with Vkontakte, one of the largest social networks in the CIS, to combat illegal content and promote Videomore, CTC Media’s own licensed player.

According to CTC Media, which is backed by MTG, the campaign will have the tools at its disposal to search for and delete counterfeit video whose broadcasting rights belong to CTC Media, Inc.

More than 3,200 pirated videos have been removed from Vkontakte during the first two weeks of the campaign.

Commenting on the success of the operation to date, Askar Tuganbaev, internet project development director of CTC Media, said: “we plan to continue this practice with other popular social networks.

We also plan to use specialised software which will be capable of flagging pirated content and automatically replacing it with a licensed product.”