Published: 11.50 Europe/London, June 20, 2011

BravaHDTV has been added to the HDTV packages of the French IPTV provider Orange, as part of its new Musique Classique package.

The new distribution contract is the latest addition to BravaHDTV’s footprint in France, which besides Orange now includes the IPTV operators Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Free/Alice, the cable platform Numericable and the DTH satellite and IPTV pay television service CANALSAT.

With the addition of Orange, BravaHDTV now reaches almost every HD-viewer in France. Consequently, Brava is focusing on its new 3D-version Brava3D. The 3D-version of BravaHDTV has already been added to the 3D TV packages of the French IPTV operator Free and talks are underway with several other major European operators.

BravaHDTV is currently distributed on platforms in Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Turkey, Portugal, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Monaco and ‘Portuguese Africa’. BravaHDTV focuses on Full HD Native top quality programming, such as opera and other musical productions and is free of advertising. BravaHDTV is available 24/7 in Dolby Surround Sound quality.