Published: 21.39 Europe/London, June 20, 2011

The Polish Chamber of Electronic Communication (PIKE) has published statistics related to the country’s cable industry.

Focusing on the 10 largest operators and the take-up of their services as the end of the first quarter (with the exception of Aster, whose figures were for Q4 2010), they show that the market leader UPC Polska had 610,600 analogue and 408,100 digital TV subscribers.

Second placed Vectra had 413,500 and 331,200 respectively, followed by Multimedia Polska (554,000 and 155,000), Aster (380,000 and 100,000), Toya (160,000 and 41,000) and Inea (124,300 and 71,500).

The last four operators in the group were Stream Communications (67,857 and 27,390), Petrus (35,000 and 8,000), Promax (33,100 and 11,000) and Sat Film (25,000 and 2,300).

UPC Polska had 538,800 fixed though no mobile internet subscribers, whereas Multimedia Polska had 360,500 and 10,500 respectively.

It also had more fixed telephony (258,000) subscribers than any other operator, while Aster had the highest number receiving mobile telephony (62,800).

PIKE points out that one of the unique aspects of Polish cable operators’ offers is that they include local TV channels. At present, there are some 120 such channels in the country.

Local channels were received in 700,000 UPC Polska homes at the end of Q1, as well as 500,000 of both Vectra’s and Multimedia Polska’s.

The next highest viewing figure was at Toya (185,000).