Claro's IPTV license still pending of definition in Puerto Rico

Since about three years ago and with a USD 70 million investment, Claro's IPTV license request in Puerto Rico is still pending of answer. Claro President in such country, Enrique Ortiz de Montellano, stated that the company has already submitted all relevant documentation required by the Telecommunications Regulating Board in relation to its technical and financial capacity.

According to portal El Nuevo Día, so far, the aforementioned Board president Sandra Torres has been the only one in expressing herself in favor of granting Claro such license; whereas, the other two related members Nixyvette Santini and Vicente Aguirre, have expressed their reserve regarding the issue. Before taking office at the Telecommunications Regulating Board, Torres worked as a lawyer in Puerto Rico Telephone Company, now Claro.

Torres explained that during an arbitration visit last May - in a process that is not related to such license request - Santini and Aguirre pointed out that the company might turn to crossed subsidies. "If this had accounted for any worry in this sense, it may have been worked out by requesting the company to send quarterly, semestral and annual reports including details on incomes and expenses", Torres pointed out.

Claro requested its IPTV license in 2008. In June 2010, a ruling issued by the Puerto Rican Supreme Court set that the Telecommunications Regulating Board was entitled to keeping on evaluating such request, which is still pending of definition. Therefore, the claim against the service submitted by the only cable TV operator in the Metropolitan area, One Link Communications, has been closed.