Latin American productions are very welcome in Brazil, declared Viacom Brazil's Program Director Roberto Martha following the company’s launch of its Comedy Central channel in the country.

"It may be that now it is a bit more expensive to produce In Brazil than in the rest of Latin America but we have many things to compensate for," Martha told 'Todo TV News'.

Brazil offers tax breaks to channels and at the same time offers advantages to find other forms of financing for projects. "Besides we have an advertising market which is very big and also investment funds that invest in productions. On the other hand the producing companies know the regulation very well and the independent productions are very good" Martha added.

Talking about how the Latin American productions are welcomed in Brazil the executive added: "We have good experiences in our channels with Latin American productions but the other side of the coin are the Brazilian productions that find it hard to sell abroad in the rest of the Latin American continent. Personally speaking I think that the fiction would be a section where we could produce in Brazil and to sell it in the rest of Latin American".