After a year of plenty for Spain’s private broadcasters, advertising incomes of Spain's TV channels have fallen nearly half over the last four years according to media monitor the UTECA.

The situation has been made worse by the situation regarding the funding by private companies of Spain's national public broadcaster Corporación RTVE. May 2011 TV advertising incomes were €190 million, €170 million les than that posted in the same month of 2007 and it would appear that the sector will not recuperate soon.

According to Mediaset España's president Alejandro Echevarría the second half of this year meant a "refall" in which the advertising incomes shrank 20% in May 2011 compared with the same month of 2010 and a 10% compared with April 2011. According to his figures, this first half of 2011 will end with a downturn of 8% and the forecasts for Q3 this year are not good either. There are a lot of hopes being pinned on Q4.

UTECA's president, laSexta's José Miguel Contreras, declared that the TV sector could take up some measures such as banning TVE to buy cinema from Hollywood and that its money is addressed to the Spanish productions.

Another measure will be to push pay-TV. But Corporación RTVE's president Alberto Oliart contradicted José Miguel Contreras "it is not possible for us not to buy films from Hollywood. First of all because the European regulation does not contemplate this and secondly because sometimes buying national or European films is more expensive than buying [those from] Hollywood."

Finally RTVE's president declared the national public broadcaster could end this year with a deficit of E50 million, which is similar to the €47 million of deficit in 2010, mainly due to the fewer incomes coming from the tax imposed to the telcos by law.