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Thread: Active skycard on dragoncam

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    Active skycard on dragoncam

    hi funfiles
    I have Active Uk Sky Digital Card yellow house, how can I use it, cuz I havent sky digital box, but I have dragon cam.
    Is it possible to use it with dragon cam, if yes, please can you help me to let me know how or which pred can I load on my dragon cam so I can get it.

    If its not possible please let me, let my know, thank you all

    best regards


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    Re: Active skycard on dragoncam

    A FTA Sky Card (i.e. Yellow House), should work in a Dragon \ T-Rex. The NDS Boxkey would (i.e. should), only be needed for the non-FTA Channels, (i.e. Sky1 etc,...),. The biggest problem you'll run into though is if you do not place your FTA-Card into a Skybox, every so often. (i.e. Every 4-6 Weeks),. You might just find yourself with One dead FTA-Card...

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