I need to know the following please:-
1-costs and top brands of prime focus dishes of sizes from 4M to 7.5M.

2-prices and top brands of feedhorns and where to get them online."disregarding sponsors"

3-best coxaxial cables to get & best f-connectors "water-proofed"to get. "high quality low attenuation""low noise"

4-comparison between HUMAX "ICORD HD+ OR FOXSAT HDR" . DREAMBOX 8000 HD and Qbox HD. which is the best in features and so on ...?

5-best multi crypt CAMS "ex:dragon/T-rex" which work with sky.

6-top 3 blank smartcards and their features and/or capabilities.

7-what dish size needed to get ASTRA 2D next year when the new ASTRA satellites are launched.

8-which is better in switches ,amplifiers and etc... ,EMP-CENATURI OR SPAUN OR some other brand?

9-should i get spectrum analyzer and/or signal meter or its useless?

10-how long will it take to have the required licenses for the dish? and what are the required papers?
and where should i go to ask for them? "ex:police ,local security,...etc"

11-after all was i to find someone who can install that huge dish or not?

12-websites serving KA-SAT and/or ASTRA2CONNECT unlimited broadband including installation and everything beyond ?

13-websites serving slingboxs for transmission of satellites?

14-how to get SKY UK subscription safely without any problems ? "knowing that i dont know anyone in the UK"

15-TOP IPTV providers world wide.

Take your time to answer these question and requests knowing that they are all i need to know for my current issue

&Thanks a lot