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Thread: Which satellite?

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    Which satellite?

    I have a Technomate free to air receiver, how can I know for certain that I have aligned it with the Astra sat and not one close to it?


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    Re: Which satellite????

    Try some fréquencies you're sure it's for astra then when you get signal, make a channels serch.

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    Re: Which satellite????

    Astra 2. I have tuned it in and have a lotof stations, bit when I check the FTA list of channels I don't seem to have them all.


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    Re: Which satellite????

    The best way is to find a channel that is not on the other common Sats 19E etc. As you are on Astra2 28E the easy one to look for would be.
    10714 H 22000 5/6 This should bring in channel 4 stations plus film 4 . You wont find these on any other Saterllite.

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    Re: Which satellite????

    If you noticed some interference on your receiver then it means you were closed to another satellite network. being closed to another network could be a great possibility to experienced some noised on you receiver.

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