India’s UTV Entertainment Television is set to launch a channel featuring Hollywood films dubbed into Telugu at the end of this month, having already successfully brought to market a Hindi version of UTV Action.

Aimed at an Andhra Pradesh audience aged fifteen and above, UTV Action Telugu will reportedly offer viewers 250 Hollywood titles during its first year, including blockbusters like Karate Kid, Spiderman, Men in Black, Hancock, Kung Fu Hustle, XXX, Vertigo and Salt.

"Telugu is the second most preferred language of release for Hollywood action films in India,” Sameer Ganapathy, UTV Action Telugu business head, told “The state yields the highest returns for Hollywood films when dubbed in local language.

"With a very strong affinity for local cinema and other regional entertainment media, the local language is far more popular than English,” added Mr Ganapathy.

“UTV Action Telugu, just like UTV Action Hindi, will be a far bigger channel than English channels whose reach and numbers are lower. The channel will show movies as fast and as recent as any other English channel. So [new releases] or exclusivity will not be limited to English channels anymore,” Mr Ganapathy told the online publication.

A multimedia marketing campaign will reach across the state of Andhra Pradesh - using TV ads, hoardings, theatres, print, and in store promotions in Hyderabad - to herald the arrival of UTV’s new Telugu movie channel.

Rebecca Hawkes | 24-06-2011