On Monday 27 June Radio Netherlands Worldwide will have a six-hour live radio broadcast in Dutch from The Hague. From a studio at the entrance to the Dutch parliament, all ten language departments of RNW will be represented in a special programme reporting on the parliamentary debate about the government’s cost-saving proposals for public broadcasting, including the decision to slash RNW’s budget. Personalities from politics, media and the cultural world will also be taking part in a live debate about the value of RNW.

On this day only, RNW will be broadcasting continously on mediumwave 1296 kHz via the high power transmitter at Orfordness between 0600 and 1200 UTC. In addition, the broadcast will be available online via our Dutch website, via satellite and partly also on shortwave according to the regular schedule.

The show will include interactive audience response via SMS, email and telephone. During the broadcast our Dutch Facebook page, Twitter account and website will be reporting on the debate in the House as well as the discussion in the radio studio.

Andy Sennitt, 24.06.2011