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Thread: Think I've bought a dud cerebro, help!

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    Embarrassment Think I've bought a dud cerebro, help!

    Hi friends, bought a Cerebro card from a ebay seller. Placed the card in my CAS 3 programmer, selected Cerebro Programmer and got the following ATR : CE FC FC 02 FC C0 42 3E 4C 30 3E 82 3E B2 7E 3E FC 80 BE 40 8E F2 0E 0E B2 FC 00 00 B2 F2
    I then programmed the card with Cerebro_Aladin_0383C.hex, placed into my spare smartcard slot in my Echostar 3600 receiver and came up with 'Check the Smartcard' message. So then placed it into my Dragon Cam 4.1, went into the smartcard settings and it said no ATR. Is this an O/S problem with the cerebro card?

    Anybody got any ideas, I'm really puzzled. The seller doesn't want to help.

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    Re: Think I've bought a dud cerebro, help!

    who is the seller i bought also a card from Ebay and it want work

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    Re: Think I've bought a dud cerebro, help!

    hi mate, contact me on

    Can anybody confirm the ATR for a Cerebrocard? Thanks.

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    Re: Think I've bought a dud cerebro, help!

    Cerebro Card New RSA Project Smart card with OS ATR : 3B EC 00 00 40 38 43 45 52 45 42 52 4F 20 00 0C 01 01, When converted to ASCII should read as 3B@8CEREBRO .

    Your card of couse does not read out like that; CEB>L0>>~>BE@ . Perhaps you should try eraseing the EEPROM Data. Thuss hopefuly reseting the Card to it's Factory-state (The ATR above), and then try useung the lattest avalible Files. One other note though, if your tryin' to get PW and or KDH, you must use either the CZ / DZ (i.e. S02 / K02), Files for the Dragon \ T-Rex CAM.

    The only thing you do NOT want to do is to use any form of Autodetect, As this will likely kill your Card by formating the Cerebro OS from the Card, at which point you'd have just bought an expensive Ice Scraper.

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